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Take your writing path to the wealthy side of business and build a portfolio in a financial sector while also contributing to South Africa’s finance-focused individuals.

Richest combines entertainment and financial news about emerging startups, the lives of wealthy individuals, and everything business.

If you’re interested in this kind of topic and would love to write about these topics we offer a platform for you to get started.

To start, you will need to email: [email protected] to get started. Please follow the quick guidelines below in your email:

  • Subject: Writing for Richest South Africa
  • Message: (Tell us how you can bring value to Richest South Africa.)
  • Attach a sample copy of something you’ve written, anything will do but finance really clicks with us.

Your benefits:

  • Write and publish from anywhere in the world.
  • Author identity revealed listed on your articles. (Picture and full name)
  • Flexibility to write your opinions and share your own values and beliefs finance and wealth topics.
  • On-going promotion of posts.
  • Pay per word, hard work pays off.
  • Bonus payment for trending article each month it trends (15%+).
  • Graphics are provided for your articles so you just have to focus on writing.
  • Author page to add as a reference.
  • Share your twitter or linkedin profile on the articles you write.