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Richest is a popular South African wealth online magazine. With millions of viewers every month your article if relevant is guaranteed views.

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Option 1: Full-time writer

You get the benefits of being an online journalist, writing content for Richest South Africa on a daily basis. Get a home office budget (internet plan included) and write in your own time. However, your content is owned by Richest South Africa and will only represent views of Richest South Africa, so no credit rights.

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Write your own content that is moderated by the Richest Editor, you will get credit and a profile on Richest South Africa that can be publicly be viewed across our site. There is not remuneration but you can add relevant links back to your own websites across the spectrum.

Option 3: Part-time write

Paid for the work you write and get accepted. The price is charged at a magazine friendly rate therefore each articles pays different. You sell your content knowing you won’t have any credit for the article being sold. Excludes home office benefits.

Option 4: Intern

Trying to make your name known? Richest South Africa is recognized by the largest brands in the business so if you looking to take your career to the next level, become an intern at Richest.