Brain Drain offers more opportunities for entrepreneurs

Brain Drain in south africa

It’s true that South Africa has bright individuals that graduate as medical doctors, scientists, inventors, and creatives leaving for developed countries.

What we title as the “Brain Drain” in South Africa.

Life is generally perceived easier in developed countries as compared to South Africa but there’s more to just an easier life that people look forward to.

From research obtained by recruiters and relocation agencies, most people leave South Africa because they are not happy with the culture that’s beginning to evolve.

Blame, hatred, and lack of trust are some of the common emotions that scatter through the halls of parliament.

Wealthy individuals are leaving South Africa

Beyond our brightest youngsters leaving South Africa, so are many accomplished and wealthy individuals with a net salary of $1 million a year, titled the economic drain.

They are leaving to other countries for reasons that South Africa is unsafe and there are uncontrolled riots and a bad economy to bet on.

The Great Opportunity

Although, it may seem bad that an alarming rate of individuals are leaving for greener lands.

This poses a great opportunity for current South Africans to pick up the pieces and start building a greater South Africa through innovation and integrity-driven leadership.

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