Cyril Ramaphosa’s Net Worth

Cyril Ramaphosa Net Worth
Net Worth:$464.2 Million
Occupation:President of South Africa
Full Legal Name:Cyril Matamela Ramaphosa
Date of Birth:November 17, 1952
Nationality:South African
Place of Birth:Soweto, Johannesburg
Notable Company:Founded Shanduka Group (Pty) Ltd
Wife:Tshepo Motsepe
Ex-wifeNomazizi Mtshotshisa
FatherSamuel Ramaphosa
MotherErdmuth Ramaphosa
BrotherDouglas Ramaphosa
Brother-in-lawPatrice Motsepe
Primary School:Tshilidzi Primary School
High School: Sekano Ntoane High School
Further Education:University of Limpopo; UNISA

Cyril Ramaphosa has a net worth estimated to be $464.2 million, which is approximately R6.5 billion.

Cyril Ramaphosa’s Net Worth Before Presidency

Many South African citizens had the misguided belief that Cyril only became rich when he entered the office as Deputy President in 2014.

Cyril Ramaphosa is business-minded and had an eye for profitable outcomes.

In 2001, he established Shanduka Group as a black-owned investment holding company, building up a diverse portfolio of listed and unlisted assets.

The group had an influence in banking, energy, insurance, real estate, and even telecoms. One of the companies that Shanduka Group had investments in was SEACOM.

10 years later, in 2011 he paid for a 20-year franchise agreement to run 145 McDonald’s restaurants in South Africa.

However, Cyril Ramaphosa disinvested his control of the giant fast-food franchise to focus on his role as a deputy president.

What is the salary of the president of South Africa?

Cyril Ramaphosa takes a salary amounting to R3 million a year.

However, in 2021 this figure is expected to increase if Ramaphosa accepts the 3% increase recommended by the commission.

In hindsight, this is a much smaller amount when compared to his overall wealth.

Cyril’s Investments revealed

Cyril Ramaphosa revealed his investments in 2014, showing that he accumulated R76 million from company shares.

Over and above, it showed him owning just over 30 properties in the Johannesburg area, and two apartments in Capetown.

cyril ramaphosa mansion
Cyril Ramaphosa’s New Fresnaye Mansion in Capetown

In the above image, you can see the luxury mansion being built on land nestled under the Lion’s Head in Capetown.

Ramaphosa bought this prime piece of land for R30 million which has a 180 Degree view of all Capetown’s treasures.

Cyril will be able to see the cell that Nelson Mandela was jailed for 18 years.

The luxury mansion is to be valued at R130 million when it’s finished.

This is currently the official residence of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Cyril Ramaphosa’s Friends and Family

There are many perks to being president, but one of the most valuable are the people you meet. Over the past two decades, Cyril has met leaders from all races, cultures, and countries – he has even made some friends who hold a lot of power.

One interesting fact is that Cyril Ramaphosa is family with the richest Black South African, Patrice Motsepe who is a mining magnate.

Cyril Ramaphosa’s wife, Tshepo Motsepe who is the older sister of Patrice Motsepe and Bridgette Radebe. Making the Ramaphosa-Motsepe family one of the most powerful in South Africa.


Cyril Ramaphosa has done a lot in a short time, and he is probably going to do a whole lot more now that he is president.

It is key to understand that President Ramaphosa took the time to learn new skills and knowledge to get to where he is today, which is what helped Cyril Ramaphosa’s net worth to grow.

  1. What I can not understand … the mining industry in SA is completely down at the moment. SA was No. 1 in the world in the gold industry. Now the name is not even mentioned anymore. Mine has started to sink like nowhere else in the world … Patrice Motsepe is a mine tycoon?

  2. Business minded my foot. Political and opportunistic minded yes. Cyril was given his money through his political connections. Business minded is the picture sold to us by the media

  3. This article smacks of propaganda! What was his net worth in 1985 and 1995. Where did the capital come from in 2001 to invest in all those companies?

  4. Cyril made his money through BEE and nothing else. He couldnt run or start anything that isnt given to him on a platter. Look at how he has performed, or should I say not performed, as vice president (Charged with fixing Eskom) and now as President.
    He is anything but a self made millioniare, without BEE he would be nothing.

  5. You forgot to add that a poverty stricken duri g Apartheid used his status as socialist ANC INSIDER to become a Suoer Capitalist in a period of 15 years? How convenient … the secret to post Apartheid wealth is to e an ANC insider

  6. Unfortunately Uncle Cyril has not run the country btjebeay he runs his businesses. What he has done to the economy in his wishy washy response to Covid is nothing short of criminal. I wonder how much of his R6.5 million he has donated to those suffering from compete poverty. Shameful.

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