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Richest Billionaire Index has compiled its data from reliable sources and investment portfolios of the individuals on this list. There are 2,818 people on this list that have accumulated at least $1 billion towards their personal net worth. This data on average shows the net worth of people towards the beginning of 2019 and the beginning of 2020. For this reason, many individuals on this page may not reflect the accurate net worth based on today.

This list contains data provided by Forbes, Bloomberg, Hurun, and other reliable sources.

What is the Richest Billionaire Index?

There are 2,818 legally classified billionaires on Earth and they are all listed on the billionaire index. Every billionaire on this index has at least $1 billion US dollars to their personal net worth and are ranked by their net worth.

What is the purpose of the Billionaire Index?

For many, the Richest Billionaire Index is an interesting way of researching the largest shareholder or owner of your favourite brand. However, over time we have seen that the billionaire index being used more as a way to share the correct information. Many billionaires around the world appreciate indexes such as this because it boosts their reputation.

Nobody is immune to bad publicity and that could ruin a deal with a new project or have people gain the wrong opinion of their wealth.

It is important that people have the earnings of high net worth individuals publicly visible to them as it gives them the ability to raise their own standards and know how the economy around the Earth is shared.

What makes this index different?

Indexes on other popular websites such as Forbes and Bloomberg are usually biased to their own method of ranking their individuals. Richest has evolved the data from these sources and other reliable investment and financial data to compile an unbiased rank of the richest people on this Earth. In other words, the ‘billionaires’.

We accept no payments, no promotions, or sponsors of the people on this list. When we see a person is a billionaire we add them to this list by our own authority.

How can you use this billionaire index?

Using this billionaire index can be interesting and exciting at the same time. We have provided you with two methods to filter the data of billionaires on this global list. An intelligent search bar and standard pagination method.

With the search feature you can filter the rank, net worth, name, main company, or country of residence of the billionaire.

Can I help correct the data?

Yes, we are always interested in correcting the data if there is an error. We are human after all. Send us your reasoning to [email protected]

Who is the richest billionaire on this list?

The richest billionaire on this list is Jeff Bezos. He has a net worth of $175 billion and is the president and founder of Amazon.

Can I copy data of this list?

Yes, you can copy data of this list. We are happy to share this data with you and you can share it with your friends or family. However, you may not sell this information or call it your own. A lot of work has gone into making this list reliable and your attributes should be directed towards Forbes, Bloomberg, Hurun, and Richest South Africa.

How is a net worth calculated?

This is a common answer, we subtract the liabilities from the assets of each individual. You can learn more about this on our question forum.